A city of distinctive character, Rotterdam is energetic and constantly changing. Rotterdam and its inhabitants never shy away from experimentation. In fact, they would rather seek it out. Like the Nieuwe Maas, a waterway that represents a powerful symbol for the city’s constant motion. Rotterdam is a city where the Make it Happen mentality can be seen and felt. Our city is supported by organisations and people that make a clear choice for Rotterdam and add their own take on the Rotterdam mentality and ‘can do’ spirit. Whether you are an inhabitant, a visitor, a student or an entrepreneur. Rotterdam. Make it Happen.

Discover more about Make it Happen! Visit the Philosophy page. Or check the menu under ‘Inspiration’ for various stories about Rotterdam-based initiatives and successes that are the embodiment of the Make it Happen spirit.

Rotterdam. Make it Happen. is the joint pay-off for an initiative of the Municipality of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Port Authority, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Rotterdam Partners, who aim to put Rotterdam even more firmly on the map, both within the Netherlands and abroad.

This city has guts. The people in this city have guts. We are go-getters.

Stefan Prins, architect and future resident of a sustainable home currently being built on the former Leonidas grounds

The city has a good business climate, strong commercial mindset and a metropolitan environment where you can be surrounded by large-scale organisations that are open to innovation. Research, business and new ideas converge in this city. There is a good reason why so many accelerators and incubators want to establish a presence in this region. This is the place to be.

Arian Oosthoek, co-founder of Valory

Rotterdam is audacious. Rotterdam is water. Rotterdam is the ultimate location for Splashtours.

Christoffel Wielders, initiator of Splashtours