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The big names. World-enriching innovations. The Cambridge Innovation Center has a global reputation with an impressive track record. This famous institute has chosen Rotterdam as its European headquarters to conquer our continent as well. Start-ups and hubs are permanently establishing themselves as a top sector in our city.

International potential on an international stage. Our city offers great opportunities for innovative entrepreneurs. Start-ups, hubs, incubators and accelerators: it’s unsurprising that they resonate with our entrepreneurial drive. “You need to be in Rotterdam,” affirms Arian Oosthoek; he got off to a flying start with Valory with the help of Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship (ECE), an accelerator. During the FlexInnovatieFonds, this start-up was voted the most innovative company in the Netherlands.

Straight from school...
ECE is one of the hubs that graces our city. Erasmus University alumnus Oosthoek and his business partner Dennis Eikelenboom (Delft University of Technology) joined the accelerator after graduation. Their idea was born while they were still in school. Oosthoek: “During my studies, I realised that scientists and professors can contribute so much to the outside world. Companies need to innovate constantly and want to optimise their processes. The big issues inherently connected to that require answers that demand the most recent knowledge. Knowledge that might not have been published yet. With us, scientists get a chance to have a direct impact in practice. We connect them in our online platform.”

Containers with knowledge inside...
Can you even find a better metaphor here in the port? Oosthoek: “Consider two closed containers. One containing the most recent knowledge and one that holds issues currently playing a role in companies. Through Valory, a company can draw from that huge container and the knowledge inside. A scientist can find a challenge, inspiration and recognition in the container with the issues. But these containers do not just converge all on their own. It requires a strong ship with cranes that loads both containers and guides them to the planned destination. That ship is called Valory.” The ECE Get Started programme brought the founders of Valory in contact with experienced entrepreneurs and experts that helped them on their way to embarking on entrepreneurship: “You get a push in the right direction. But after that the market is the most important place to learn. Which is why it is so important to surround yourself with the right people.”

This is the place to be.
Oosthoek sees Rotterdam as one of the best places to establish a company. “The city has a good business climate, strong commercial mindset and a metropolitan environment where you can be surrounded by big organisations that are open to innovation. Research, business and new ideas converge in this city. There is a good reason why so many accelerators and incubators want to establish a presence in this region. This is the place to be.”

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