Inspiring Rotterdam Make It Happen Meet-up at BlueCity 010!

Take some 50 enthusiastic and creative people from home and abroad. An inspiring location such as BlueCity 010 and the Aloha Bar overlooking the river Maas . The will to work together to make Rotterdam even more successful. Three hours. What do you get? A very successful Rotterdam Make It Happen Meet-up and a bunch of good ideas on how to inspire more people and businesses to choose Rotterdam as their 'home base'.


Inspiration was the keyword for the Rotterdam Make It Happen Meet-up. What is the main inspiration for people to live, study or do business in a specific city, in this case Rotterdam? How can we inspire other enterprising people to choose Rotterdam? What information do they need to make their decision? How and where will they be looking for that information and inspiration? How 'Make It Happen' is Rotterdam really?

Bekijk de video-impressie:

Experiences, wishes and ideas

In an interactive 3 hour ‘pressure cooker’ event, the participants of the Meet-up shared their ideas, experiences, wishes and inspiration for Rotterdam with the people of 'Rotterdam Make It Happen' and with the experts of Branddoctors. The overall purpose of the meeting: to optimize the communication between Rotterdam and enterprising people and organizations with an interest in our city, and to discover and explore new messages and resources.

Check the pictures of the Meet-up in the clickable album below:
#MakeItHappen meet-up


The Make It Happen Meet-up led to interesting insights that will soon be translated into online campaigns and stories, events, and more. The Meet-up was also a platform for gthe participants to meet new people and make new connections. The Meet-up ended with a drinks at the Aloha Bar.

It's all about the 'goodies'

To thank the participants for their time and active participation in the Rotterdam Make It Happen Meet-up, a goodie bag filled with typical Rotterdam products and treats awaited them at the end of the session. For this, we thank:
Johnny Doodle, Kaapse Brouwers, Mwah, Bike & Bite, Rotterdammertjes, Loopuyt, Maasstroompjes, Wide World Trade, Wuudy.


Monday 10 July we had another 'Big Moment'! Branddoctors presented their insights to the Make It Happen Brandalliance. These insights were based on the pre-meetup interviews, the Brandboard App and, of course, the Meet-up itself! For now we'd like to share some keywords with you. Those of you who participated in the Meet-up will probably recognize them: network city, inclusiveness, making small things bigger, co-creation, take your space, social media are King, working and building together.
We get that, at first glance, this may come across a little random and abstract... Don't worry! We'll get back to you about this soon :-)